Summer Fashion 2013 - 2014 Trends

Every women's shape, size and body type can need one or two new hot summer fashion 2013 trends. Just find a cool fashion item that blends good into your personal style and can be worn with some of your current fashion style. Even you can find and great clothes and accessories for the next autumn fashion 2013 season.

So, what are the most latest and hottest summer 2014 fashion trends year and how to wear them?

Summer Fashion 2013 Trends

Feminine Sheer Fabrics: Whether it is a scarf, blouse, summer dress, skirt or shoe embrace sheerness this summer season. 2013 s/s fashion fabric creates breezy, billowy, good appeal and is super cool in the hot weather. But if you wear more then two sheer pieces it would look overdone and you may feel not so comfortable in the hot weather.

The perfect sheer fabrics are silk chiffon, linen and cotton because they allow for air to move through the material. Stick with natural fabrics when indulging in this cosmetics and makeup 2014 fashion trend.

The vibrant prints are intensely popular this summer. Most popular are abstract, floral an animal with color trends range from bold and bright to soft and subtle. Classic, preppy, minimalist, vintage or edgy it doesn't matter if there are some awesome prints in gorgeous colors.

Invest in good looking new handbag, jewelry, jeans, new dress, belt, tank, t-shirt, sleeveless blouse, hat, scarf, shoes in an inspirational pattern, colorful or print.

New FASHION 2014

New FASHION 2014

New Fashion 2014

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